We guard your security

Get a grip on cybersecurity. ReConfirm provides a 360° view of your online security and exposes every vulnerability. See the real-time security status of your entire digital landscape and always stay one step ahead of hackers.

Stay ahead of hackers, continuously

Discover vulnerabilities before they happen

Organise your security

Thanks to a complete overview at a glance

Avoid high repair costs

Protect your organisation against digital intrusion

Digital security simplified

Your complete security status at a glance.

Always see how your security is doing. The intuitive ReConfirm dashboard provides a real-time overview of your entire digital infrastructure. It scans all publicly accessible assets and maps out every vulnerability. You know exactly how secure your company data is, and what problems you need to fix.

ReConfirm #1 platform for External Landscape Threat Detection.
Next-level in cybersecurity

Lock every entrance to your business

ReConfirm sees where your security is failing. New assets are analyzed immediately, outdated assets are tracked down. We even scan the assets you don't know anything about: from open ports to unprotected backups, from cloud storage to a forgotten development subdomain - we help you lock everything down safely.
Protection through data

Reduce safety risks with more knowledge

Get unparalleled insight into your organization's digital security. ReConfirm scans every domain and subdomain, detects data breaches on the dark web, identifies configuration errors and logs all access data. We make cybersecurity easier, safer and more cost-effective.
Insight through overview

Create an extra security ring around your business - at the click of a button

Streamline your cybersecurity and prevent ransomware, data theft, corporate espionage and hackers. ReConfirm makes strong security even better. Here's how we do it:

Dark web monitoring

ReConfirm's Dark Web monitor detects data breaches on the dark web. Leaked passwords or shared entry points? You'll know immediately.

360° Perimeter Scan

ReConfirm scans your entire network including subdomains, cloud storage and your entire digital footprint. And new assets are added automatically.

Secure private cloud server

You get a highly secure dedicated cloud server for ReConfirm. Only you will have access.

Real-time updates with every change

Has something changed in your assets, network or security? Or has a new data leak been detected? You see it immediately.

Intuitive interface

In the ReConfirm dashboard, you can see at a glance where you are vulnerable. Problems are identified, listed and prioritized.

Unrivalled overview

Monitor your entire digital landscape and security in one place. Always make the right decision based on reliable live data.

Making your organization more secure? Try ReConfirm's External Attack Surface Monitor.